Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Favourite Cafe gets a makeover

One of my favourite cafes is French & Mor, Dawn Cresent, Albany Creek. It’s a few minutes drive from my home and close enough to collect coffee for the artists who come to the Studio. (We do like our creature comforts) 

Recently, the Cafe has undergone a makeover - new flooring, smart tiles and a fresh coat of paint. Today I stopped for a quick coffee. The transformation was complete - lovely hanging baskets with ferns and trailing creepers and new displays with Christmas decoration completed the new look.

The new look called for a sketch. I used my new Pelikan Smoky Quartz ink (I was the lucky recipient at a lucky draw at Bookbinders on Sunday) Smoky Quartz is Pelikan’s Ink of the Year. It’s a soft brown and very smooth to use. The lines are soluble when just drawn but after resting for a while seem to be quite stable.

I’m not yet geared for “on the go” colour so the watercolour was added when I returned home. 

The sketch in my Travelers Notebook.

a little colour.

and French & Mor with fresh va va voom...

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Bricks and mortar versus Online shopping - I know which I would choose...

We become accustomed to buying almost everything online. There are self-service checkouts at the supermarket. We become used to the lack of the personal touch, the direct contact; the face to face conversations. Personally, if there is a choice, I opt for the person at the checkout any day rather than the self-serve option - I like to think I’m helping a real person keep their job and besides, I love to chat to people. 

Recently, it was with delight that I discovered a local Brisbane store stocking pens, ink, notebooks and lots more. Bookbinders 1355 Gympie Road, stock a wide range of goods for the stationery aficionados. 

Travelers Notebooks, in particular, have an almost cult following world wide. Originally called the Midori Travelers Notebook, now more simply, the Travelers Notebook, the TN comprises a leather cover, with Midori paper inserts held together with an elastic closure. I have always loved fountain pens, consequently I delight in the return to popularity of pens, good paper and the recording of ideas in a  real book. 

This coming Sunday, 3rd December the store is holding a Travelers Notebook meetup.  There's more information if you click the link to the Event page on Facebook.

I’m pleased to be part of the meetup - the lovely people at Bookbinders have asked me to come and play. I’ll be sharing tips for sketching using ink and watercolour - and of course, I’ll be using fountain pens and a Travelers Notebook. 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Two paintings going to a new home

Last week a local business, Tradesmen on Time, a member of the Hills  and District Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Showcase. These events are an opportunity for Chamber members to promote their business, to tell something about their history, and their plans for expansion. 

I had been in conversation with the owner for a few months with a view to supplying paintings for the offices. With the Showcase being imminent, I delivered a few paintings that I thought would be appropriate. 

Pond Reflections - oil on canvas 610mm x 610mm 

 As I had an art class the evening of the Showcase I was unable to attend, however, I was pleased that my work would be on view and would add some colour. 
I returned this week and took a few photographs of the offices with paintings installed. 

Botanic Reflections - oil on canvas 610 mm x 915 mm

Left: Walking  the Dog - The Spit - oil on canvas 450 mm x 450 mm 
Right: Rocks, Sea and Sand 24th December - oil on canvas 605 mm x 605 mm

When an artist’s work is purchased it is a special validation, knowing that the paintings are appreciated enough to be owned and enjoyed in the future. I very pleased to say that two paintings, Pond Reflections and Botanic Reflections, will be purchased by Tradesmen on Time.