Thursday, 12 April 2018

Studio Art Classes - Term 2 vacancies

13th April 2018 Please check for updated vacancies

Term 2 18th April to 30th June 2018

Classes in the Studio begin this coming week on Wednesday 18th April. 

Availability of casual places

Students should be prepared to enrol for a term (usually 10 weeks) at a time, which involves a serious commitment that understandably not everyone can make.

This coming term, there are a couple of artists who are travelling overseas on holiday. In this instance, I am offering the opportunity for casual attendance while they are away. 

Should you be interested in taking this opportunity to try a few classes, please contact me via email: 

Art Classes Hamilton Road Studio

Venue:   22/960 Hamilton Road, McDowall 4053

Class times:
Wednesday:     6.00 pm – 9.00 pm      – Permanent place available
Thursday:         9.00 am – 12.00 pm    – Fully enrolled for Term 2             
Friday:              9.00 am – 12.00 pm    – Permanent place available Fully enrolled for Term 2
Saturday:          8.00 am – 11.00 am    – Permanent place available

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the Classes are suitable for adults.

Tuition in drawing, watercolour, acrylics and oils is offered
During each class there will be some demonstration of technique as well as individually mentored tuition.
Classes are small (Max 6) so each participant can work in their chosen medium and at their own pace.
Students should be prepared to enrol for a term (usually 10 weeks). Since my Studio is small, casual classes i.e. pay per attendance cannot be offered.
Fees: $ 36 per lesson should be paid in advance either in cash; direct deposit; or by cheque made to Carol Lee Beckx. Payments may be made either in a single payment ($396/11 weeks) or, in two instalments one at the beginning of the term and the second at the beginning of May.

For additional terms and conditions, required materials list and enrolment forms please email me at

Friday, 6 April 2018

Escarpment Shadows - Selected for The Rotary Art Spectacular 2018

I received a very welcome email this morning. It was from the organisers of The Rotary Art Spectacular 2018 with the good news that Escarpment Shadows has been selected for this year’s Exhibition. 

Two more paintings Afternoon Light - Drakensberg oil on canvas and Peonies - watercolour on paper were selected for the online exhibition. 

The dramatic mountain range creates strong shadows as the sun strikes the ridges. A palette knife was used to apply paint on to the birch panel. A panel is good when working with a thicker application as there is no movement of the substrate which could cause the paint layers to crack. Scraping paint across the firm surface is also very satisfying.

Escarpment Shadows - oil on panel 410 mm x 610 mm

The process for this painting started with a graphite drawing.

Graphite drawing in Alpha sketchbook 

I then did a line drawing of the mountain range to establish the detail. This initial drawing was enlarged to the proportions of the panel. Transferring the lines was archived by applying a thin layer of oil paint to the reverse of the paper and tracing the lines. I wanted to be able to concentrate on painting without being concerned about getting the drawing accurate. 

First layers - 21st February  
I was not concerned that many of the initial lines are lost when working with a palette knife - it’s freeing to colour outside the lines!

Vigorous palette knife marks were used to capture the foreground and the cloudy sky.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Afternoon Light - Drakensberg

Since I returned from my visit back to South Africa over Christmas, I have been enjoying re-creating the feeling of being in the mountains.  This painting called Afternoon Light - Drakensberg is now finished. Over the last few weeks I have shared small WIP details now I am happy to share the completed painting.

Afternoon Light - Drakensberg - oil on canvas 900mm x 900mm

The painting is quite large - 900mm x 900mm and painted in oil on canvas. It’s one of those rare paintings that seemed to go smoothly from the very beginning. It’s not often that an artist gets into that special state of ‘flow’. Being able to retain this state over a few weeks is also rare. 

There are very few parts that were repainted or that posed problems. 
Early on I realised that the very loose mountain ridge in the underpainting needed to be re-positioned and redrawn but otherwise the painting progressed without too much of a struggle. 

(Disclaimer - usually many parts of any painting will have numerous layers and will have problems that need solving)

I thought it would be interesting to share a few progress photos:

Bright underpainting - 7th February 2018

Later the same outline of the mountains and a few dark areas have been added.

10th February 

14th February - more work on the dark shadows of the foreground and rocks - preparation for the grass to come...

28th February - more detail on the rocks and the addition of the sunlit grass. The mountain range now has a layer of haze moving them more into the distance.

It was so hard to wait; to be patient; to complete the under-painting of the dark areas before painting the grass over the dry layers.